EasyHotspot 0.2 Preview

Since Koprol has been released, so today i decided to publish my recent works on easyhotspot (kinda late, sorry im so busy very sorry ..). This is a preview of easyhotspot 0.2. productive suggestion are welcome …

note : there’s more feature will be added including language support …easyhotspot-online-users_12348037615771easyhotspot-internal-captive-portal-management_1234803750334postpaid-setting_1234803736433

give it try

username : admin
password: admin123

username : cashier
password : cashier123

62 thoughts on “EasyHotspot 0.2 Preview

  1. I’m the first response😀. will try it soon

    Please help about my problem :

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_DNUMBER in /var/www/system/plugins/dompdf/lib/class.pdf.php(2219) : eval()’d code on line 1
    A PHP Error was encountered
    Severity: Notice
    Message: Undefined index: FontBBox
    Filename: lib/class.pdf.php
    Line Number: 3231

  2. bos . saya dapat error baik sebagai admin maupun cashier.

    Pas mau buat user postpaid dan setting postpaid

    Error yang pembuatan postpaid tidak sempat saya capture karena keburu saya ganti dengan postpaidmodels.php dengan punya versi0.1

    A PHP Error was encountered
    Severity: Notice
    Message: Trying to get property of non-object
    Filename: postplan/postplan_view.php
    Line Number: 26

    A PHP Error was encountered
    Severity: Notice
    Message: Trying to get property of non-object
    Filename: postplan/postplan_view.php
    Line Number: 31

    A PHP Error was encountered
    Severity: Notice
    Message: Trying to get property of non-object
    Filename: postplan/postplan_view.php
    Line Number: 35

  3. I found some error in Postpaid setting

    A PHP Error was encountered
    Severity: Notice
    Message: Trying to get property of non-object
    Filename: postplan/postplan_view.php
    Line Number: 26

    A PHP Error was encountered
    Severity: Notice
    Message: Trying to get property of non-object
    Filename: postplan/postplan_view.php
    Line Number: 31


  4. can u show us how to reproduce those errors ? steps to produce those errors ?
    i couldnt find that errors …
    make sure ure using PHP 5 and MySQL 5

  5. bos, saya ada translate sebagian di admin menu dan billing_plan. trus ada juga perubahan pada easyhotspot_lang.php . Kira kira translate ini dibutuhkan tidak yah ?😀. Karena yang saya download, yang terjemahan indonesia baru menu cashier. kalau berkenan, saya kirimkan script dan file language yang telah saya ubah.

  6. Hi at all! I’ve just downloaded the last version of easyhotspot, 0.2 (great!!!) but i can’t understand how solve the problem of simultaneous users… it’s very important for me!!!!!

    I’ve tried to follow this instructions but nothing:

    “for quick fix please replace your “/var/www/system/application/models/billingplanmodel.php” file with http://pastebin.com/f3ceb50d7
    and replace your “/var/www/system/application/models/postpaidmodel.php with http://pastebin.com/f6b5e1485

    Please Help!!!

  7. @jarod :
    the simultaneous users problem should not be a problem in 0.2, because we added simultaneous-use attribute to radius database

  8. @rafeequl :
    thanks very much! I don’t understand if the 0.2 that I downloaded has this problem…
    I’ve simultaneous problem both in postpaid and voucher/billing plan.
    For the installation of the new version i’ve just overwrite the new files in folders and create a new databse… Right???

    Maybe i think that i’m committing errors ….

    Thanks a lot

  9. Mas rafeequlm tanya nih
    Bagaimana pengaturan billing plannya ? saya atur sejam tapi setelah sejam , user yang pakai voucher tersebut tetap bisa koneksi/ndak logout otomatis

    Ada solusinya ?

  10. Pertama2 saya berterima kasih atas kerja kerasnya membangun biling hotspot berbasis linux hingga terwujud menjadi easyhotspot ini.
    Begini Mas Rafeequl , saya mencoba yang versi 0.1. Saya menginginkan easy hotspot ini bisa dikendalikan dari pc lain untuk web adminnya. Konfigurasinya berikut
    ISP-> switch->eth0 easyhospot eth 1-> AP -> pengguna hotspot
    pc operator

    Klo saya ngakses sebagai pengguna hotspot, saya bisa login ke menu admin, tetapi ketika ngakses lewat pc operator, kenapa tidak bisa. Browser selalu loading.
    Apa ada solusinya mas rafeequl sehingga saya bisa ngremote web adminnya dari pc operator.
    Terima kasih.

  11. Mas…saya ewbie neh…mo nanya
    sql dump bwad databasenya yg dipake yg apa? (kan ada 2 file .sql tuh)
    trus 2-2nya sdh saya coba tapi ada yg error di easyhotspot_dump 16.02.2009.sql -nya (maklum dumpnya cmn lewat phpmyadmin).

    apa ada tip dan triknya biar ga error…ato caranya gmn dumping sqlnya?

    thx b4

  12. bagus mana sama billinghotspot ?
    rencana saya mau jualan bandwith, dengan speedy personal yang 1 gb per bulan saya mau share pake software easy hotspot, apa bisa diandalkan? saya ada pentium 3, tapi pas saya instal easy hotspot kok lamreta lamborgini alias lambat sekali, kira2 ada solusinya?

  13. @bambang : i just updated the zip file , now we have only 1 sql script .. and you good to go

    @jimi : do you have enough RAM, at least 256 MB or better

    1. hi Raf thanks for this software it is very good but there is one serious issue,
      when a user is logged in and the easy hotspot server restarts unexpectedly,the user is not able to login again because, u will get the error YOU ARE ALREADY LOGGED IN ACCESS DENIED.

  14. mo tanya nih untuk “online users” di tempat saya force disconnect nya gak bisa di fungsikan. apa emang belum difungsikan ato emang ditempat saya yang gak bisa ??
    mohon pencerahannya..

  15. Mas Rafee tolong balas email saya.
    saya awam.
    dan ingin membuat server untuk biling AP.
    dananya berapa ya?

    thanks……good work.

  16. Maaf mas Rafeequl saya ada masalah dengan Easyhotspot nya.saya dari sisi client
    Easyhotspot melakukan ping ke server easyHotspot dengan hasil RTO, akan tetapi jika saya melakukanya dari sisi server Easyhotspot ke sisi client hasilnya reply. kira2 apa penyebabnya?
    Mohon pencerahanya.



  17. sebelumnya saya ucapin banyak terima kasih dan salut ama bang rafeequl atas easyhotspot nya nich
    bang, saya mau nanya nich…saya msh newbie nich..di laptop saya udah pernah saya install Ubuntu 8.04..pa bisa saya juga pake ubuntu saya untuk saya tambhin ama aplikasi easyhotspot nya bang rafeequl…ataukah saya harus instal seprti saya instal ubuntu saya [boot from CD]..
    krena saya pengen belajar lbh detail lg ttg easyhotspot,,,,mohon pencerahannya ya bang…:)
    makasih banyak..

  18. @Jarod Hello, yes Jarod..you can resolve your problem with Squid and after you must to configure your iptables. If do you want I can send you my config file.

  19. mas makasih udah bekerja keras untuk easy hotspot…
    saya mau tanya 1) bagaimana update easyhotspot 0.1 ke easy hotspot 0.2
    2) abagaimana membuat easyhotspot 0.1 agar 1 username cuma bisa dipakai oleh 1 komputer saja
    3) bagaimana cara menaruh iklan di halaman login easyhotspot


  20. unable to complete installation to harddisk due to i/o error . I manage to run from live CD but fail to install to harddisk. livecd complaining about i/o error. Tesetd with knoppix livecd without any problem.please help.

  21. I am having issues with updating, I am getting errors when I run the apt-get update command

    I am wanting to install openssh & need an updated sources.list file that is current for this version of xububtu.



  22. Thank you Rocco… Finally i’ve resolved!
    Now i’m looking to enable “simultaneous connection” on PostPaid Account. In BillingPlan is OK but i need the same option on PostPaid. Could you help me???

    Could someone help me???

    Thanks at all!

  23. Hello Jarod,
    I’m happy for you….but for simultaneous connection also I have problem. How do you have done to solve the problem of simultaneous connections?
    Can you tell me step?

  24. Hi there,

    I’m trying to get your software up and running, and its mostly going quite well. I’m having a bit of a problem with a few things though, and I hope you can help me.

    1. I had the problem where the system would not disconnect someone when they had exceeded their usage. So I removed the # marks from both the ‘octets’ and ‘noresetcounter’ in the radiusd.conf file, but then none of the vouchers would work at all. I then added the # back to the ‘noresetcounter’, and then the vouchers worked again. Why would my vouchers not work with the # removed from ‘noresetcounter’?

    2. I want my vouchers to be packet based – I want 2GB, 4GB and 10GB vouchers. For some very strange reason, the 2GB vouchers will work, but the 4GB and 10GB vouchers will not work – when I try to log in with a new 4GB or 10GB voucher, the system says ‘EasyHotspot Login Failed – Your maximum never usage time has been reached’. I’ve tested this out a fair bit, and it seems that any voucher that is more than 2GB (2000MB) will not work, and any voucher 2GB or less will work. I even tried creating and printing a 1GB voucher (which does work – I was able to log in) and then editing that voucher to make it a 10GB voucher, but it created the same error. Why would a 2000MB voucher work, but a 4000MB or 10000MB voucher not work?

    Thanks for your help.


  25. Hi Rocco! Unfortunately i haven’t resolved the problem…😦 I still continue having simultaneous problem both postpaid and billing plan… arghhhh

    New ideas from you?


  26. Hi rafeequl, hi at all!
    Just an information…

    I’ve a new PC with Ubuntu 9.04…
    How can I transfer EasyHotSpot System from an old PC with Xubuntu (7.04) to the new one 9.04?


  27. hi.:)
    i like someone to help my with create date expiration voucher.We need combination between traffic and time and when user time expire ”virtual monhth plane”to disconnect this user….

  28. mas, saya sudah install easyhotspot dan sudah berjalan dengan baik.

    Tapi ada masalah kalau client browsernya di close maka client itu akan hang dan tidak bisa login lagi?

    bagaimana solusinya?

  29. Hi,

    I’m currently using 0.1 to run my hotspot, and its going great. A couple of suggestions for the version 0.2:

    1. Fix issue where 2GB is the most that users can be allocated on a packet-based prepaid voucher (over 2GB results in the username and password not working)
    2. Fix SSL security certificate issue – whenever the user logs in they receive a warning saying that the security certificate is out of date.
    3. It would be great if there were some way for the user to see how much data/packets they have remaining (when they have a packet-based voucher) – something in the ‘Logged in to Easy Hotspot’ pop-up window would be great.
    4. If you could make it so that the pop-up window could not be accidentally closed – remove the X button from the window. This would stop people from closing the window and not being able to log out.
    5. An email form within the captive portal would be great, to enable users who do not yet have a voucher to email admin and ask for one.

  30. I can not dl preview. File is missing? In v0.1 i can not delete invoice and it will be nice that admin can see traffic of all bills per cachier per day/week/month. Didn’t test in real world just exploring gui until v0.2
    Last wish is that easyhotspot should be deb for LTS variants of ubuntu😉

  31. mmm….aku baru je install easyhotspot tu kt pc aku.puas aku main tekan2 pulas2 godek2 ketuk2 hempas2 segale hardware tu.tp xjd gak la…
    cmne nk configure die ek?

    btul ke sambungan wayar cam aku buat ni ek?
    image location:

    router WRT54GL aku ni nk kne configure ape2 gak ke?
    connection kat router=DHCP & modem=PPPOE ke atau;
    router=PPOE & modem=bridge
    encik ayam, cmne ngko configure gune wireless router dlink tu ek?

    aku gune firmware ddwrt, setting kat wireless tu nk kne enable radius ke x ek?klu enable, ape settingnye ek?

    ok skang kat server pulak,

    web interface yg aku donlod tu aku dh extract kat var/www/
    pastu aku kne buat ape ek?

    login page=captive portal.btul ke?
    cmne nk setting captive portal tu ek?mse setting login page line tenet kne on jugak ke?
    penin tul aku.dh puas aku setting tp mase test connect ke AP gune laptop, dgn selambe je laptop tu trus bukak google.com.bknnye nye redirect ke login page tu..

    pastu aku try bukak firefox dr server tu dan try bukak login page tu dr ctu, pastu kuar page error cmni:
    EasyHotspot Login Failed
    Login must be performed through EasyHotspot daemon.
    sbb ape tu ek?ape mksudnye ni?
    dh penin dh pale otak aku ni..plz bro….:)

  32. mas rafeequl mau tanya….

    kalo popup login client di close…

    akses client tidak tercatat di billing server…

    client tetap bisa login dan tidak ada pencatatn di billing servernya..

    mas gimana cara mengatasinya..?

  33. please help for solution this my problem

    report on browser :

    An Error Was Encountered

    Error Number: 1054

    Unknown column ‘bw_download’ in ‘field list’

    UPDATE postpaid_account SET password = ‘w123’, bill_by = ‘packet’, bw_download = ‘128’, bw_upload = ‘640’, username = ‘w’ WHERE username = ‘w’


  34. Installation is normally done, the client computer receives the IP address from the dhcp server easyhotspot but when trying to navigate in the browser will not display any page asking me username and password, anyone with a manual step by step the installation and implementation please help me…
    sendme a howto carlosrotary@yahoo.es


  35. Mas Rafee, saya lagi ada tugas dr kampus nie…
    jadinya gie ngoprek EasyHotspot…
    tapi saya msh newbie jd byk masalah…
    tolong kirimkan ke email saya tentang pembuatan voucher, penggunaan billing plan dan semuanya mas…
    tolong kirimkan ke email saya ya mas..

    tolong banget mas…makasih

    1. @arie : saya akan lebih appreciate kalau anda bertanya hal yang sekiaranya nggak ada di dokumentasi atau sulit sekali di google ! atau paling tidak sudah menunjukan indikasi adanya usaha !

      1. mas, saya nyoba login jadi kasir…untuk pembuatan voucher nya itu saya yg bingung langkahnya..???

        trus tadi saya masuk terminal, untuk ganti pasword mysql-nya, tapi pas saya ketik perintah mysql -u root malah tidak merespon apa2 lagi..??

  36. mas, tolong saya…
    saya coba dah setting smua nya,,, tapi waktu saya ngeset billing plan nya 1 jam eh setelah 1 jam, pengguna tetap bisa ngenet,, knp ya..??

  37. mas rafee, good job for easyhotspot-nya…
    sy dah nyoba, trus pas nyoba bikin voucher managementnya, eh pas client make melebihi paket voucher itu, tapi tetap aja dia bisa login..itu permasalahannya dmn yaa..???
    tolong pencerahan nya mas…

  38. thks bgt buat easyhotspot nya mas rafee. sy sangat terbantu dengan open source ini. sy sudah update ke 0.2 tapi ada error untuk tampilan di index.php/voucer.html gede banget tampilannya.
    error :
    A php error was encountered
    property: stdClass::$Valid_until
    filename:voucher/voucher_view.php line number:33

    gimana cara perbaiki nya.

    terima kasih

  39. salam sebelumnya buat pak rafeegul & team. saya sudah install easyhotspot 0.2 untuk fitur online user , simultan use dan force disconnect berjalan normal,yg ingin saya tanyakan adalah bagaimana caranya menampilkan Framed-IP-Address dari user yg sedang terkoneksi pada menu online user itu ?? di sini sy tidak menggunakan chillispot sebagai nas nya pak, tapi saya memakai mikrotik untuk nas nya. terimakasih sebelumnya.


  40. mas rafee

    sy sudah install yang versi 0.2 (download dari sourforge minggu kemarin) install berhasil dan dari client bisa di dapatkan ip serta sudah dibuatkan account baik voucher ataupun postpaid, tetapi pada saat login dari client selalu failed ya ? bisa di bantu, selama ini saya pakai yang versi 0.1 download-install-test langsung lancar…

    mohon bantuannya

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