What is it ?

EasyHotspot Logo
EasyHotspot is an alternative solution for hotspot billing system. Its contain some particular open source software that bundled into a single package. We DO NOT try to make a replacement to similar existing open source projects. Our aim is delivering a system that simple, easy to install, use and modify.

EasyHotspot Architecture


EasyHotspot will be released under GPL, so that you can use it freedom.

What’s the different ?

For most case EasyHotspot comes with ready to use configuration. You need less configuration to build an up and running hotspot. It will saves your time and energy.

EasyHotspot developed on the top of Xubuntu distribution, an Ubuntu variation that maintaned by Canonical. Its a good point since Xubuntu comes with regular updates, so you dont have to worries about software update.

The hotspot manager frontend that could manage your hotspot is built from Codeigniter framework. Codeigniter is an blazing fast PHP framework which easy to understand and its very handy to make a web bassed application. We hope everyone can easely understand and make an improvement to the code.

Who’s gonna need it ?

Anyone who want to build an hotspot or someone who willing to learn how hotspot works. . For example : Cafe, Hotel, Public place, And … i dont know u named it .. :D

How to get involved ?

Ok, this is my favorite part … its easy to get involved and help this project. You can report the bugs, make an improvement/variation, request new features, criticts, filled up our wish list, spread the word. Everything positive are welcome :) ..


This features is the basic feature, we need your idea to improve this features.

  • User management (CRUD operation).
  • Random voucher generated account (create/delete).
  • Billing plan : variable time bassed account.
  • Statistic : who’s online, daily usage.
  • Configuration : change admin password, allowed site, secret key.

Nutrition Facts

EasyHotspot is built from several great software, and here they are:

  • Operating System, Xubuntu will take this place :)
  • RADIUS, this app will help us to perform AAA process. And we gonna use FreeRADIUS for it.
  • Captive Portal, it used for authenticating users. Chillispot is one of the best choice :)
  • Database / MySQL, it used for storing the users and logs information.
  • Management frontend, it used for helping the hotspot’s administrator to administer their hotspot/system. EasyHotspot management frontend used PHP and CodeIgniter.